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WebEx Office Hour

We will host office hour(40 mins per person) through WebEx or bluejean Weekly. Email him/her if you have trouble to join the meeting. See below table for detailed schedule For on-campus students, we will hold office hours right after lectures. Please find the corresponding TA regular duties on Piazza, if you have any question, email him/her when needed.

PhotoNameTime (EST)Location or Web Link
minipicJimeng Sun, instructor jsunhello ATworld cc.gatech.eduRequest by email
minipicMing Liu , PhD, TA mliu302hello ATworld gatech.eduWed 5PMhttps://gatech.webex.com/meet/mliu302
minipicBalaji Sundaresan, TA bsundaresan3hello ATworld gatech.eduThu 9PMhttps://gatech.webex.com/meet/bsundaresan3
minipicSungtae An, Sunlab PhD, TA stan84hello ATworld gatech.eduMon 5PMhttps://gatech.webex.com/meet/san37
minipicYu Jing, TA yujinghello ATworld gatech.eduBy Emailhttps://gatech.webex.com/meet/yjing43
minipicYanbo Xu, Sunlab PhD, TA yxu465hello ATworld gatech.eduTues 2PMhttps://gatech.webex.com/meet/yxu465
minipicSiddharth Biswal, Sunlab PhD, TA sbiswal7hello ATworld gatech.eduTues 2PMhttps://gatech.webex.com/join/sbiswal7
minipicArdavan (Ari) Afshar, PhD, TA aafshar8hello ATworld gatech.eduMon 3PMhttps://gatech.webex.com/meet/aafshar8
minipicZhe Zhu, MS, TA zhezhuhello ATworld gatech.eduMon 10AMhttps://gatech.webex.com/meet/zzhu324
minipicKapil Vuthoo, MS, TA kapilvhello ATworld gatech.eduSat 9PMhttps://gatech.webex.com/gatech/j.php?MTID=m7969767003ecf6a2c2a213622fd1cc14