Course Syllabus


Students should watch Udacity course videos according to the following schedule. It is recommended for students to do lab sessions on the schedule by yourself as early as possible since some of homework may cover the lab materials scheduled later than the homework. For the online video lectures, CS/CSE students should go to Udacity while Analytics students should navigate to Edx instead, please check details on Canvas.


Week #DatesIn-class lessonVideo lessonsLabDeliverable Due
11/8/2019Intro to the BDH class1. Intro to Big Data Analytics
11/10/2019Sunlab's research by Jimeng Sun2. Course OverviewScala Basic
21/15/2019Predictive modeling3. Predictive Modeling
21/17/2019ClassificationHadoop & HDFS BasicHW1 Due (1/20/2019)
31/22/2019MapReduce4.MapReduce& HBase
31/24/2019Guest lecture by Danica Xiao (IBM Research)Hadoop Pig & Hive
41/29/2019Tensor factorization5.Classification evaluation metrics
41/31/2019Tensor factorization (phenotyping)6.Classification ensemble methodsHW2 Due (2/3/2019)
52/5/20197. Phenotyping
52/7/2019Clustering8. ClusteringSpark Basic, Spark SQL
62/12/2019Spark9. Spark
62/14/2019Project overviewSpark Application & Spark MLlibHW3 Due & Project Group Formation & Project Requirements Release (2/17/2019)
72/19/2019Medical ontology10. Medical ontology
72/21/2019NLP Lab by Charity Hilton
82/26/2019Graph analysis11. Graph analysis
82/28/2019Sunlab research workSpark GraphXProject Proposal Due (3/3/2019)
93/5/2019Project proposal presentation12. Dimensionality Reduction 13. Patient similarity
93/7/2019Project proposal presentation14. DNNDeep Learning Lab by Sungtae AnHW4 Due (3/10/2019)
103/12/2019Guest lecture by Jon Duke15. CNNDeep Learning Lab by Sungtae An - Cont
103/14/2019Guest lecture by Joyce Ho16. RNN
113/19/2019Spring break
113/21/2019Spring breakHW5 Due (3/24/2019)
123/26/2019Deep learning 1
123/28/2019Deep learning 2
134/2/2019Deep learning 3
134/4/2019Guest lecture by Dr. OmerProject Draft Due (4/7/2019)
144/9/2019Guest lecture
144/11/2019Guest lecture
154/16/2019Guest lecture by Dr. Green
154/18/2019Guest lecture by Dr. Patzer
164/23/2019Student project presentation
164/25/2019Student project presentationFinal Project with code, presentation, and the final paper (4/28/2019)

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